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Making advances in research is central to Duke's mission, and giving our community the tools to do it is key. The myRESEARCHhome portal, funded by Duke's CTSA, puts relevant applications, resources, and information specific to you and your projects at your fingertips. Your portal's content is personalized based on your researcher profile, showing you content you want and need to see, saving you time and effort.

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The portal consolidates the things you need into one place and allows easy access to your favorites. Quickly find Duke web applications, information about your research projects, and resources. No more bookmarking or searching for the same things over and over again.


Researchers at Duke have different needs - you choose what you see and how you see it. Move the widgets, remove them, and add new ones as they become available. We will frequently update the contents of the portal, based on feedback we receive from the research community.


As a member of the Duke research community, you know what you need and what matters most. Share your feedback and let us know how myRESEARCHhome can be improved.

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Duke web applications stored in one place. The portal requires multi-factor authentication, so for most systems you only log in once and permissions pass through to other apps.


The reports recently available in MyResearch have moved! You now access projection reports, financial reports, and personal reports for your codes here.

Resources + Services

Find out what you need to carry out your research. From ideation to dissemination, resource are catalogued and tagged for searching.

My Training

View and access your pending training and due dates, with data from multiple training systems

My Projects

Balance information for your active 2xx and 3xx codes and information from eIRB protocols can be viewed here.

Agreements + Patents

View the status of your projects' agreements and patents that have been filed through OCRC and OLV.


Add your own custom internal or external links so you can access them easily from your dashboard.


Gain access to humans with the expertise you need to navigate your research.


Stay up to date on the latest news related to the portal.